Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Than Enough

Easter breakfast involved sweets.  
The kids had been awaiting the Easter morning table with much anticipation, 
for the last 40 days.
Oh, the beautiful food!
Cinnamon Bread, lemonade, strawberries & whipping cream...  
plus a few goodies in an easter basket.

Dressed & out the door for church by 8.  
Daddy had already left at 7am.
Quick photo, in case I didn't remember the rest of the day.
I didn't realize Peyton was sans socks.  
Oh well!

Back from church, where the children had more sweets.  
They are still surviving, but are very ready for naps.
I wish for a nap while I make the Earl Grey Lavender Frosting.  Remember this cake?
It really worked for Easter dessert.  
Anyway, right after nap, we headed to Grandma & Grandpa's for more sugar & lovelies.

After the egg hunt, the kids stick the tail on the bunny.
Isn't my sister Lizzy a great artist?  Check out Peter Rabbit!!

The fun & sugar level was high!

Upon arriving home Sunday night, all candy went into the common bowl of candy.
One piece after dinner time, if you eat it, is the candy rule.
We had more than enough sugar that day.
(But the lovely food was beyond sugar, ham, smoked chicken, sweet potato gratin...)

Here it is Thursday & I don't think we have quite recovered.  
The tears & drama & crazy level has been rather high.
Monday morning, Moira burst into violent tears because 
daddy had left his work hat at home.
That is an example of the sorts of things that inspire drama here.
The next day, we were talking about how there was going to be no more sugar for the day,
 because it didn't make us feel good to eat that much, etc.
Gillian's admonishment to us was, "When you have too much sugar, 
your tummy feels really bad & your body gets really mad at you for doing that, 
so you need to not eat anymore."
Okay Dr. Gillian.


Nini said...

We had crazy attitudes here this week as well and we didn't even have entirely too much sugar. Argh! Love the ears you made. Love Lizzy's good. And I can't not say it...Leah looks AMAZING in that dress! Hope the next few days bring you happier hearts, less low blood sugar meltdowns and a sense of routine to return! (that's what I'm praying for myself as well :-)

Unknown said...

Easter is so much worse for candy that any other holiday. Now that I am a mom - I get why we had apples and jump ropes in our baskets from mom and dad... grandmas and grandpas take care of the the rest.

I love your candy rule and I am keeping that one for later.

big hair betty said...

I'm pretty successful at eating all the candy, so the kids don't have to. Peyton looks SO cute! Leah looks awesome! What a lovely day!

Stef said...

SO fun seeing pics of family members!
I cannot get over the bunny Lizzy drew - she did an amazing job. Very well done.

We skipped out on candy this year (I mean, maybe a piece here or there) and I have to say, I didn't miss the post Easter drama :)

Erin said...

Yes. Leah looked fabulous in her hip yellow & black dress. :)

Stephanie said...

That Peter Rabbit picture is outstanding! Does your sister sell her artwork or have a career in an art-related field?