Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweetheart Date (Dinner at Eight)

My sweetheart & I had an at home date for V-day, after the kidlets were in bed.
We've had good at home dates before.
Buthis one was fabulous.  We had a greatime.
At home dates kill the competition of going out.  
(But I still like going out, so long as the food is good.)

I attempted a Maiden Braid "headband".  I thought iturned out pretty swell.  
But it looks a bit retarded in the photo, with my hair sticking outhe side of my head.
Oh well.
Also, seems my button was coming undone, when I took my outfit picture.
Oh well.

I love this dress (heart buttons!) from Modcloth.  
Jewelry by 31 Bits is also awesome, of course.

We had a tent of sorts that we built in the living room.  
Sheets, tulle, lights, sparkle hearts.

Rib Eye Steaks with Blue Cheese,
Heart cut Beets on pea shoots, 
and sauteed Spinach.
All could be done very quickly once the kids wento bed.
We opened a bottle of our favorite wine (for special occasions only) Topel.
And we dined fireside.

Dessert was sharing a little box of Lula's salted Caramels.
(SO good.)

She & her friend Andi are challenging you all outhere to try dating at home.
think you'll love it.

Ours was so lovely for us.  We talked & shared.
We read love letters to each other.

Oh.  And we broke one of the cardinal rules of married dating.
Have you heard that you aren't supposed to talk abouthe kids?
I just heard Gary Smalley give this instruction 
when I was listening to K-Love this last week.
Don'talk abouthe kids or finances, he said.
Instead, he said we should remember the good times.
So, kids aren't part of the good times?
We think they are.  We think they are a good date nightopic.
Even the idea of "remembering the good times" is one I am notoo fond of.
We are one.  And we walk through the good & the bad together.  
We are not going to avoid talking abouthe hard stuff, 
in an efforto make a date more romantic.

My sweetheart & I bond over our love for our kids, 
over good memories of the past,  
over telling each other about our struggles of the day,
over learning how to cook a steak sans the outdoor grill, 
over grief shared, over scary roads, 
over trusting God's goodness,
over dreams for our future,
over love notes, whether written on letterpress cards or company letterhead.



Our Beaten Path said...

Oh my goodness, meal looks great and I love that fireplace! Hopping over from the linky!

Krista said...

Looks like a great date night! Nick and I love dating at home after the kiddies are sleeping. I also love going out, but we are so much more free with our conversation when in our own home, it is lovely.

And I totally agree with you, I never got the whole "don't talk about kids". I mean, I do get don't ONLY talk about kids, make sure you and your husband connect about other things too, but we love talking about the kids on dates.

big hair betty said...

Aww, love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I'm going to have to give home dates a try! Btw, roses are ok, just probably my least favorite. :)

Hannah @ said...

LOVE this! Thank you for the inspiration!! I am totally going to treat the husband to dinner at 8. Now I just need that awesome heart-button dress and a lovely tent!

Nicola said...

What a beautiful post, Erin. Love it all. I agree with you about talking about our children while on a date. How can we not talk about them when they are so apart of our lives and a very good part (even with the trials that come with them). Speaking of trials I hear Cora crying got to go.

Breanne said...

Hopping over from the the tent idea! =) It looks like a special night, kids and all. =)
We ended up sharing our at home date with our baby. ;-)

kelly said...

Love the open fire. I like the tent idea too. Sometimes it's a good chance to talk about the kids.


Vanessa said...

I LOVE that dress!! It looks like you had an amazing night!! :)