Saturday, February 11, 2012

Deja Vu

A little bit ago, we watched that Hugh Grant/Julianne Moore movie, Nine Months.
Have you seen it?  1995.  I saw Julianne Moore & I was like,
"wait, I thought that hair style was homeschool style, right?
Home decor, "country" dresses & the hair from my home school childhood
were the all the styles on this movie.  Normal folks in S.F. in the 90's.
Country "clutter", have back hair in huge silver clip, denim dresses...
Friends, I guess we were on trend with it all.
I knew homeschoolers were cool.  I just didn't know we were cool in that way.

Speaking of childhood flashbacks,
last week we had a short time period of having a book shelf in the hallway.
We did a kid room re do & I had to make room the the 2nd set of bunk beds to be built.

As I was shimmying past it all day, I thought of all the houses I've been in through my life.
Biggish families in smallish houses, homeschooling, loaded to the rafters with books.
Books in the halls, books on the fireplace, books going on the stairway,
bookshelves in the bathroom, bookshelves lining ever spare space.
And I thought, I could live with this.  I could deal with book shelves in the hall,
as long as I don't gain a ton of weight.

Our kid room with 2 bunk beds in there is awesome.  I love it.
Our kid's love it, too.

We moved stuff around to fit the bed & it ended up that everything was better for it.
We had to take off the closet door.  It was a bit sad, as it was a gorgeous door.
But, the kid's are loving the new "curtain" I made.

It is reminiscent of the disco beads hanging in the 1970's doorways.
And it was inspired by this garland on my pin boards.

I cut long strips of fabric, sometimes sewing them to make them long enough
& knotted them across a spring tension curtain rod.

Speaking of then & now, driving our country roads, I was thinking of then.
then being, we weren't from here.
then when I remember being over here,
(I think going to get apples or berries or such from Gizdich),
and my mom took a wrong turn or something.  We were lost on the back roads.
We were in awe of how lovely the nooks & crannies & valleys were.
It seemed like it would be such a dream to live here.
Now I do.
the back then was when my family used to come to
Bible Memory Association camp over here.
We went to summer camp where my husband used to go to real school.
(Monte Vista, folks.  that was family camp to me.)
the then was when my parents came to Pajaro Dunes for their getaway nights.
Now that is our beach.
If my husband ever feels up to going to the sand, that is probably where we head.
I was driving the country roads with my kids, letting the fitful babe get some car seat Z's in,
& thinking again how lovely these hills & valleys are.
How lucky we are to live here.
My kids were thankful, too.  they still find wonder in the scenes they see often.
I am grateful for that.
Watching the ocean waves, seeing a deer graze (or llamas, or alpacas),
seeing the sailboats, the apple trees, the flowers is a blessing.

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