Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kendall {One Year}

Kendall turned one last week.
Our baby girl is turning into a toddler.

And a babbler, too.

And an emptier of cupboards.

And a splasher of toilet waters.

And a stander in the bath tub.

And a squealers & joker.

And even a better sleeper.

We partied a bit.

She was proud to be sung to.  Didn't quite grab the candle flame.  

And was fairly gentle with the grabbing of the cake.

I'm embracing this next stage.

I'm still embracing my baby, though.  this toddler still likes to be held.

She comes to us, kneels, reaches up both hands & throws back her head.

So far, we've always picked her up before she keels backward & conks her head on the ground.


Stef said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Kendall!!

Dina said...

Happy birthday!! I'm looking through all your adoption posts, preparing my heart for someday, someway! Btw, who did your blog header? Looking to update mine... :)

Unknown said...

What a pretty cake. Happy Birthday!!

Wani said...

So cute!! Happy b-day!

Erin said...
Dina, blog design is by Life Made Lovely. they are lovely ladies!!