Thursday, February 23, 2012

Embracing the Dunes

Beach day at Pajaro Dunes.  
Perfect, even in February.

I can'think of anything to say right now.  
My mind is a blank.

Wait for it...  something may come.....

So, this trip was right after church last Sunday, for Peyton's birthday.
I didn't change out of my "church" clothes.
Guess what?  Walking in the sand with heals is pretty great.  Far better than flip flops.
I still have a lot of sand to get out of them, though.
And wearing tights, while sitting in the sand is fabulous.  
You can feel the softness of the sand, but you stay clean.
I will definitely be donning tights to the beach more often.


Stef said...

beautiful day, beautiful smiles!

I never thought of wearing tights to keep the sand OFF. This is a great idea.

Nicola said...

What beautiful pictures! I can't believe the weather, what a lovely day!

Julie Marie said...

this pics look so nice, compared to the cold rain and snow we are experiencing in wisconsin.. =)