Saturday, February 18, 2012

Learning a Little about him

I am working to come up with some fundraiser ideas for our adoption fees.
Buto starthings off, we are doing a family fundsaver.

Now that we have a bed for future brother in the kid bunk room, the children ask about him often.
When is going to sleep there?  
When are you taking us to Grandma & Grandpa's so you can go see him?
Where will he sit athe dinner table?  Can I sit nexto him?
What will his name be?

For our 40 days of Lent (firstime, folks!  We have never given up anything for Lent.)
we are going to have an adoption fundsaver 
& a time of trying to learn a little bit more what little brother's meal time is like.
We are going to cut way back on the groceries.

I'll be honest, I am pretty nervous abouthis.
We are so spoiled with what we eat & drink. 
I've never really dieted or denied myself anything I wanted to eat.
I know, right?  Spoiled.

Our plan is no boxed cereal for breakfast.  Oatmeal instead.
No meat - mostly rice & beans & veggies.  
No candy, chocolate or goodies.
No alcohol.

We will save a lot of dollars, to save for adoption fees.
And hopefully we will learn a tiny bit what it is like to live with much less.

Does anyone have some good beans & rice recipes?
I found a few Ethiopian recipes I'll try- red lentils, chickpea wat &Injera.
We'll have pintos & spanish rice.
White beans & winter greens.
We'll have black beans & rice.
Veggie & barely soup.
Can anyone help us out with ideas?

For Ethiopian recipes, I boughthis book 5 years ago 
& don'think I've ever made more than one thing from it.

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Now is the time to dive in.

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krista said...

Veggie curry, stir fry, spaghetti with no meat, burritos, cheese enchiladas.

What a great idea you guys! A good way to get the kids involved too.