Wednesday, October 13, 2010

d is for daisy - Preschool Lesson

made by my friend Annie

Preschool was at my friend Annie's house this week.  So, I didn't do much lesson planning.

The kids modeled the letter d from play dough.

She taught the kids about what is required for a daisy to grow (dirt, water, sun...)
They also talked about what people need to grow.
And lastly, what our hearts need, to grow close to Jesus.

They did a big collage, where they had to sort the images & paste them in the correct column.
(Daisy, People, Hearts)

Speaking of hearts growing close to Jesus - 
Our "D" Memory verse this week speaks to that.
"Draw near to God & He will draw near to you." - James 4:8

The kids practiced patterning, when the pasted the petals on this daisy.

Seed Sorting
Before a daisy can grow, a seed needs to be planted in the dirt.
Annie had the kids sort & match different kinds of seeds.

Here's a few things we are doing at home this week for our Daisy D week.

Since Annie talked about growing & seeds, 
we came home &  read our book - What Kinds of Seeds are These?

The kids & I did a little singing at the piano -
The Daisies by Samuel Barber
Peyton especially loves piano time.

Dessert Dirt - 

We made some dessert dirt.

We layered chocolate pudding, crushed chocolate wafers & rock candies.
We hid some worms in there, to help keep the dirt healthy.
We planted a dandelion (the flower we found on our walk!) in the top.

Then we dug into the dirt.

Letter Recognition
I had some things written on the board for the kids to see.
I read it aloud & they had to clap each time they heard the "d" sound.
Then they came to the board & circled all of the "d" letters.

Does daddy dig the dirt to plant the daisy?

The dew drops on the daisy do a dance in the breeze.

This is just a sampling.  She comes from a really big family.

We will look for similarities & differences in these various members of "Daisy's" family.

Etymology (I'm not trying to teach my kids this word.  That's for your sake- the adult.)
It is thought that the name "daisy" is a corruption of "day's eye", because the whole head closes at night and opens in the morning. Chaucer called it "eye of the day".


"Consider how the lilies grow.  They do not labor or spin.  Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these."
Luke 12:27

"The grass withers & the flowers fall, but the Word of our God stands forever."
Isaiah 40:8


Stef said...

seeing as I LOVE daisies.... this was my favorite one :)

Anonymous said...

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Becky said...

Hello, found you through Femina; I love your alphabet project;the letters are so pretty! 3 of our kids are in high school now and my youngest is almost seven. We have home-schooled them since they were all little; but I miss precious tiny hands sorting and playing play- dough and doing alphabet projects!

I get to do some other very nice things now, and I am grateful for that too!

Enjoy your journey!

Erin said...

Thanks Stef!
Becky, thanks for commenting & giving encouragement! Blessings!

Stephanie said...

"Dessert dirt" is so fun. I made it many times as a child, but have yet to make it with my girls. They'd love it, I'm sure!

Erin said...

Thanks Stef!
Becky, thanks for commenting & giving encouragement! Blessings!