Monday, October 4, 2010

Color Cards

This is C week.
I'll give you the full run down tomorrow.
But, one of the things we are studying is color.
Check out these fun & simple color tools you can make for your kids.
You use paint sample card strips!
*Please note that the gorgeous yellow rose pillow is from Target.  Yes.  Target!
Peyton really struggles with his colors.
Sometimes we have wondered if he is color blind.
We're not sure, at this point.  I think they are just really hard for him,
for some reason.
We're trying to make color practice fun!
These little color fans can also help teach shades.
The light blue & the dark blue are both blue.  
They are both in the same family.
The kids can see that right here in their hands!

**I got this brilliant idea from Jenae over at I Can Teach My Child.


Stephanie said...

That pillow looks like something out of a ritzy design boutique. Props to Target!

Whenever we go to home improvement stores, I always take the girls to the paint aisle. Those sample strips are FUN!

Krista said...

Funny you have wondered about Peyton and color blindness, we used to wonder the same thing with Elijah! Especially because of the colors he was mixing up... red and green. BUT, for some reason, around when he turned three, it finally clicked! Now he only gets confused sometimes. :)

Nicolle Robidart said...

We thought the same thing about Isaac being colored blind. We have been working with him over a year and in the last 3 months it's just starting to stick. Every week he still has a problem with it. Like, last week he is getting yellow and orange mix up but he was solid with it about 4 weeks ago. I am not sure why it comes and goes. Today in school we worked on a fun activity and blended colors to make another color. Blue and Red = Purple. Its been fun seeing Isaac mix the paints with his hands and seeing purple come to life. Hope the rest of the week is fun!