Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten on Ten

8 o'clock hour
Morning play on the floor
Kendall learning how to manuevar

9 o'clock hour
I get the oatmeal made & on the table - 
with milk, blueberries & brown sugar.

10 o'clock hour
Kendall down for nap.  
The rest of us finally get dressed & start to tackle the house work.

11 o'clock hour
Unexpected bath time after a potty training incident - 
when the toilet newbie tries to wipe her own bottom & empty her seat.

12 o'clock hour
Daddy home for lunch
We eat breakfast sandwiches.
(this sausage, only made with turkey, not chicken.)

1 o'clock hour
all the other kids are in their room for nap.
Kendall coos & smiles on my lap while a read a few blog posts,
such as this one & that one.

2 o'clock hour
Gillian conquers her quiet time activity.

3 o'clock hour
Gillian & Mommy time, before the littler ones wake.

4 o'clock hour
outside chores & play
here we all shell fava beans

5 o'clock hour
daddy & baby snuggle while mommy makes tacos 
& the other kids watch netflix streaming.

ten on ten button small

This was my first time participating in Ten on Ten with a Bit of Sunshine.
What fun!  I am totally going to do this more.
A fun way to look at our day.


Amy said...

Oh, 9 o'clock is just lovely. Love the milk and berries. And 4 o'clock - inspiring! Looks like it was a beautiful day.

Mckenzie said...

looks like a great day! that last shot is precious! and that breakfast sandwich looks delicious. :)

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

It's fun to capture you day in pics, isn't it? This is my third {or fourth} time.

Stef said...

what a fun idea :) I wish we had more organized days like this... but its been "different every day" for about a year now.

Erin said...

They are not organized days, Stef, I guarantee that! But, we do follow somewhat of a routine/pattern most days.

hannah singer said...

sweet day! love the mama and daughter toes;)

Stephanie said...

Breakfast sandwiches! That's a good idea. Have you shared your "technique"? :)