Monday, June 13, 2011

Good Sorts of Friends

When I was a kid, I had a great little group of best friends.
(Maybe we were considered a clique by others.  But we weren't!  We were just friends.)

They were the best sort of childhood friends.
We were a chatty crew.  We could talk & talk & talk about something or nothing.
We were creative & imaginative.
The only toys we usually played with were our dolls.
We even had a doll club, in which we discussed the life of our dolls (?).
We would put on figure skating competitions on our bedroom floor, dancing in our socks.
We wrote letters to each other.
Sometimes as fictional people.  We were writing dramatic novels in letter form.
The favorite names of the group were Laura (Ingalls) & Anne (Shirley).
The girl quickest to announce her name was likely to choose Laura Anne.
We would bike & bake & laugh & make friendship bracelets.
And we fought.  (Oh girlie, did we fight.)

But the thing is, they are still my friends.
23 years (give or take) later.
And that is a very good sort of friend.

We had a little last minute friend reunion last week.

Krista (little sis), Stef, Me, Cola, Julie

Stef & Cola both happened to be on vacation in Cali.
And they both happened to be coming to the coast on the same day.
So, Julie drove to the coast, too.
And Krista & I lucked out by already living here!

It is a very good sort of friend,
when you have the mutual understanding
that life goes on
& free time is now more limited
than it was 15 years ago.
There are no hurt feelings about it.

But, when I do get to see one of these old friends,
it is just like it has always been.
They really know me.
And conversation is still great.
(Even though, it seems in my adulthood I have lost some of my chit chat skills.
I don't feel like a very good conversationalist much of the time.
You know, awkward silence?  Yep, me too.)

Our kids all got to play together.
That was a lot of little ones!
(& an amazing low amount of fights.)

Friends who may be far, but still are close.
I am grateful



Katie @ minivan diva said...

Life long friendships are so special. I hope my children will have the same experience.

Nicola said...

I love the post Erin. I am blessed by God that we all have stuck it out over years of life going on. Thank you for your friendship and love. It was such a great visit and so special spending time with all of you.

Stef said...

love the post, loved the chance getting to see you all {no matter how short!} and would love to do it again sometime, somehow.

Krista said...

It was so much fun! There is something so comforting and relaxing about being with long-time friends, even if you haven't seen them is a long time. I feel understood no matter how much time has gone by!

I wish we could do it more often.

Alyss said...

How special! You are truly blessed.

Stephanie said...

How wonderful that you're still friends after all those years!

Did you grow up in California? I'd like to hear more about your childhood and your "path" to where you are today.