Monday, November 8, 2010

'round Here

I can't seem to stop cleaning.  It feels mentally good.
But, it wears this girl out a bit, too.
Gillian loves it.
Her excitement over things being cleaned all the time could be called "giddy".
She's declared numerous times how nice it is for me to clean.
She loves the smell of clean rooms.
The other day I had mopped with Pine Sol while they were taking their nap.
I was resting in bed when she woke up.
She came in with me & related the way that she felt upon waking.
"Something smelled so sweet.  It woke me up & it felt so nice for me."

Kendall has kicks that our strong enough for the kiddies to feel.
They like to try to get her attention - talking to her & rubbing my belly.
The other day when Kendall didn't give any good kicks in response to Gillian,
she said, "I wonder if Kendall doesn't know that I am knocking on her door?"

When we got home from Macdoel
(which I never really posted about.  Sorry.  Lame, I know.)
Scott's Pineapple Guava were just ripening.


The kids want to check the bushes every day now.
Peyton says, "mmmmmmmm...  Wummy."

I am very addicted to this Apple & Curry Quinoa Salad right now.
I make it multiple times a week.
I also love celery.

Right now I have foccacia rising.  We'll eat Spaghetti for dinner.
Scott & I have a movie for tonight.
I am looking forward to that.
But, I am also feeling like the couch doesn't offer enough comfort
for my large, achy self.

I won't ask Scott to bring the tv into the room.
I am super anti tv in the bedroom.
But, a big ole bed sounds nice.
I think I'll blow up the guest aerobed & make a bedroom in the family room.
That sounds cozy.
That makes movie night sound one hundred times more wonderful.

Baby Mo is waking.  That means this post is over.


Steph said...

so cute about Gilly and cleaning! I can do almost ZERO cleaning while Emma is awake as she gets such a mischievous thrill from undoing whatever i have just cleaned/put away.. oh well! I have finally accepted it and am going to find someone to help out so we can have some of that clean smell over here :) Maybe gilly's joy can rub off on her one day!
So precious to hear that Kendall is already engaging her siblings love and attention. can't wait to meet her!

Krista said...

Go Erin and Gillian! I am on the opposite of a cleaning spree, whatever that might be called.

We moved the computer into the guest bedroom, so now we can watch things on the computer while lounging in bed! It is so nice, but yeah- I would not want the tv in our bedroom either.

I love the things that Gillian says. So much.

Erin said...

My standard Modus Operandi is Embrace the Mess. So, I know what you grils are saying!
But Steph, embracing the housecleaner can work, too!!

Stef said...

your tummy looks fabulous! Can't wait to "meet" Kendall.
We love Quinoa! I've never thought of using it in salad... this gives me lots of good ideas :)

I love that Gillian loves things clean, so funny! Ethan is more that way too... but I think he'd rather enjoy what I'VE cleaned. Not sure he's ever too thrilled to help out.

love said...

our chloe LOVES the smell of clean, too. [just like her mama.]
it's good for the soul, isn't it?!

[i fixed the link. thank you!]

Stephanie said...

What movie did you watch (and how was it)?

Thinking of you in your final trimester,

Erin said...

Stephanie - We watched Slingblade. It was heavy. But, we did really like it.