Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am listening to Billy Joel today. She's Got a Way. It makes me feel like butter. Soft & melty.
Gillian likes very little music nowadays, that is not "kid's music". But, she is fond of Billy Joel. And, Elton John. She calls him Melton John. He is her favorite.
This week, we watched The West Side Story. I had never seen it before. Strange, eh? After watching it, I told Scott that I thought Natalie Wood has the prettiest singing voice, eve more beautiful than Marni-what's-her-name from My Fair Lady. He told me that he didn't think Natalie did her own singing. I looked it up. It was Marni Nixon. Ha! I guess I just think she is the best. Poor Marni. Always behind someone else's face. Doing the most incredible singing, while the naive, like myself, give the credit to the big star actress.

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