Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Convert

I have never liked mushrooms. If I sauté them in butter, it makes me want to gag. The smell is so yucky to me. And, the flavor, and the texture....
But, I have been converted to a lover of at least one variety. Nothing compares to the earthy smokiness of a morel. I was blown away.
This was something I learned a week ago, on Valentine's day. I forgot to post our meal of love. I made this Beef with Morel & Tarragon-Marsala Sauce. My thought was, Scott loves mushrooms & I never make them for him. So, I'll do it. Heck. It's Valentine's day. I love this man. I'll make him a mushroom sauce. I'll just eat my meat without it.
But, I was brave. I tried one. Out of this world. Amazing. I have never had a better filet mignon dish. What a lesson. Not all mushrooms are equal. This was nothing like a button, or a Portabella, or a Shitake, or an Oyster. I fell in love with the Morel on Valentine's day, thanks to my true love, Scott.


big hair betty said...

I read this to Matt, and the actual recipe, (he hates mushrooms) and he didn't think it sounded good, except for the buttery yukon gold potatoes. But because I know he loves me, I'll make this and won't feel too bad, I'll just eat all the mushrooms myself!

Nicolle Robidart said...

Hey Erin,
Thanks for this. I am starting to plan my week of meals and got some good ideas from your past recipe post. Thanks for some new ideas!