Monday, October 13, 2008

Not the Real Thing

We went to get our pumpkins & gourds today. Autumn is here! But, we didn't go to a real pumpkin patch. We got them at a local coffee shop! So, I took these photos of the kids in our own yard, when we got home.
The pale orange pumpkin is huge. I could barely carry it out of my car. We happened to see my brother at the coffee shop, and he helped us carry all of our pumpkins.


Anonymous said...

what adorable pictures. the kids are getting so big.

Amy Gannaway said...

I love these pictures...too cute! Thanks for sharing:)

Lis said...

The pumpkins look fantastic.

Annnnd I am so excited that someone I know won something at Simple!, You can check it out here.

Melissa Joy said...

love it, Erin!
and did you make Peyton's hat? it reminds me of my Gabriel's. :)