Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Fun Thing

So, I took my kids to the park today. I know that doesn't sound very special. But, it is. They never get to do fun stuff like that. They are usually forced to sweep the floor & do laundry all day.
But, yesterday, I decided -I will take to the kids to the park. I will. So, we went. We went to the park I had been thinking of going to for a while. We got there, made a run to the potty, then packed up the stroller with our lunch & all necessary supplies & headed down the trail. Then I began to wonder - where is the park? So, I asked a park maintenance woman, "Where is the playground? Is there stroller access to it?!" "The playground burned down years ago." "Oh. Wow."
This was a disappointment for all of us. But, Gillian was the only one totally screaming.
The story ends happy, though. The park lady told me of a very cool park, that I didn't know existed. Seascape park. Oceanview. Nice trails. Nice lawn. Little kid sized slides....
All who live nearby - let's go there & play together sometime.

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Stef said...

Hahaha!! I laughed so hard at the "they are usually forced to sweep and do laundry all day." I have to say, the not taking your kids to parks does not sound like you... so I'm going to assume you're totally kidding.
And, I wish I Lived close by so I could go with you! That sounds like so much fun.