Monday, October 3, 2011

dog tired

Can I be honest with you guys?
My dogs are driving me crazy.
I am so, so mad athem, mostly all of the time.
It gives me a head ache
I should mellow out, I know.
Or, take more care to discipline them.
But I have no energy for it.

We need Cesar Millan to come.
Except, not really.  
He would require us to put work into the dogs.
And some of my wishes require pixie dust or some such magic.
Like, how do you gethem to stop pooping in your yard?

What I'm really mad about lately, though?
Our "good" dog has turned all rebellious on us.
When I came into this family, I established some strict rules about where he could go.
No bedrooms allowed, no furniture, no area rugs.

He's smart & learned quickly.
He obeyed.
For years.
But lately, he doesn't care.
He started going into the kid bedroom sometimes, 
when he was feeling lonely, I guess.
He began going onto the area rug, every time we lefthe house.  
It bugged me.  But I tried to keep my cool.

Now?  It has gone beyond.  Way beyond.
It is like he is trying to take over our entire household.
I think he wants to be the master. 

He is now marking my living room furniture.
Not kidding.
Every place where he is not allowed, he is marking as his.
First he peed on the rug.
He then peed on his favorite chair to sit on when we were gone.
So much so, the chair gave me a head ache & made me want to throw up.
I tried & tried to get it clean & finally had to just get rid of it.

We recently discovered two more furniture pieces he has marked.
NO WAY.  He thinks this is his house.
I am terrified that he will come into my bedroom & pee on my bed.

No more dogs in the house anytime we are away or asleep.

You may wonder how I can be so upset with little doggies, 
when I have 4 tiny kids making messes.
Am I not accustomed to such things?!
Potty training accidents, diaper blow outs & all that jazz, right?

Many reasons can be named.
One- I love my kids.
Another- I have hope of them learning to do better someday.

Plus- baby poop is not as gross as dog poop.
And?  I still do cry over things like spilled milk.
Believe me.  
My patience level with my dear little ones has much room for improvement...

Oh!  And, it is so simple to wash a babe up in the tub.

You'll never see me tossing a dog into my bath tub.


Stef said...

oh my word! Cute pictures! Loved the last one of Kendall. She's getting SO big.

I have very strong feelings about house pets, I'm typically pretty careful with how much I express that, since some people love their pets like family.
All I will say is, this post is another reminder to me why we WON'T ever have house pets.

Erin said...

Ha! Well Stef, I'm talking about my own dogs here. I don't bash on other peoples dogs. You are right. Some folks would be very hurt by that. Hopefully they can find no reason to be personally offended by my own dog woes. :)

Brittany Martin said...

I completely understand. Thankfully, though, maybe you can hand over the dog-caretaking to your own kids soon? Our boys now do all the poop patrol, and the dog sleeps in their room, so they get up and walk her at 6:30 am. And they get a 25 cent allowance bonus for their hard work!

Nicola said...

Oh Erin, I really feel for you.
I wouldn't let the dog in the house at all for a while so he would know who's boss and then just in one area at a time so he can see where he's alowed and where's he's not.
The only time I let our lab in the house is when it's 0 degress outside :) and then he's only right by the back door on the kitchen floor.
I really hope it works out for you. Praying for you.