Friday, October 28, 2011

But Rarely

We live in a coastal town.  We are minutes from many lovely beaches.  
We rarely go.
My husband is not fond of going to the beach.
And I am rather a nervous wreck going to the beach with all the kids.
Plus, I don't like them all baking in the sun outhere.

Still, October is the perfectime of year for our beaches.
It is perfect.
On a whim, I threw the kids in the car & headed to the beach, athe end of our day.

Gillian thoughto pose on these large hunks of driftwood, on our way down.
She oozes happiness.
Peyton is a goof.

Moira keeps cool about it all.

Second shoot on another driftwood hunk.

We watched the sun go down.

We were a little under dressed & got chilly.

My kids were SO happy & grateful for the trip.

And that made me pretty happy & grateful!


Paisley and Lace said...

Sweet. It was indeed a beautiful sunset!

Stef said...

Breath taking!! We love the beach and just being by the water, but I've often told Jason, spending day after day at the beach would get on my nerves. I don't deal with all the sand getting everywhere very well :)