Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rush, rush, rush. 
Pack all your stuff. 
Food, clothes, toys, books, school projects, sewing projects, fish, dogs, potted plant…
Clean the house.  Wash every dish.  Wipe up every sticky spot. 
Scrub the bathrooms.  Do the laundry.  Change the linens.
We get out of the house only 20 minutes behind schedule.
Mom & Dad are tired; driving each of our cars in no easy task.
8 hours on the road.  Rain.  Packed freeway.  Multiple car wreck. 
Rain so thick & heavy I can’t see the front of the car in front of me.

Arrive in Butte Valley.
And breath.

We may be here for work.
But after all the rush to get here,
coming into the wide open spaces & fresh, crisp air
feels like maybe we have arrived at our country home.
Room to run & shout & be.
It feels good to all of us.

Except maybe not Scott. 
He breaths a little bit of relief upon arriving & getting started.
And then more once the work up here is all done.

p.s. all the kids did so well on this car ride.  Whew!
I had Gillian & Kendall as car buddies.
We listened to BBC Alice in Wonderland & through the looking glass.  So fun!
p.p.s.  we forgot so much stuff this time.  Oops.  Oh well.
p.p.p.s.  the double wide got a bit of a makeover since we’ve been here last. 
New flooring.  Hooray!


Stef said...

sounds lovely! enjoy your stay.

Nicola said...

that's how I always feel getting ready to go somewhere, even if its just for church or shopping.
I hope you enjoy your time and fresh air.