Thursday, October 27, 2011

When a State Park is All Yours

A gorgeous day at Juanita Lake & we are the only people there.  
On a Saturday no less.

So, we feel at liberty to break a few rules.

 Peyton learning peddles.

 Gillian learned her peddle bike really quickly.

What a big girl, no?!



A mountain lake, all to ourselves, 70 degree weather in October.



Nicola said...

Love the kiddos on their bikes.
What a beautiful day!
It was snowing here two days ago and snow today as well!!!

Krista said...

From Elijah, who walked up and looked over my shoulder, and within 2 seconds said:

"GASP! That sign says NO BIKES. Why does Gillian have a bike???"

I told him to ask Uncle Scott about that one. :)

Great pictures by the way, it looks lovely up there!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

This looks like the perfect way to spend a Saturday. I can't believe you had the whole place to yourselves. We love spending time with our kids outdoors, too.

Stef said...

haha, Krista, Rachel said the same thing :)

Beautiful park and amazing you got it all to yourselves on a Saturday!

Mommy Girl said...

ahhh, where is that beautiful place?

Erin said...

the very northern most area of California, along Hwy 97, above Butte Valley. Lovely area!