Saturday, October 29, 2011

Orders from the King

Gillian to Peyton - 
Orders from the king!
I have some questions to ask you.  I will then know if you can marry me or not.
(reading from her catalog in hand) 
What is your favorite color?
Peyton Blue
Gillian - Okay.  good answer. What is your favorite toy?
Peyton - Peyton
Gillian - What?!  NO! What is your favorite book?
Peyton - Spiderman
Gillian - Mom!  
Me - It's okay, there probably is a spiderman book outhere somewhere.
Gillian - okay...What is your favorite letter?
Peyon - No one.
Gillian - MOM!!!
Me - I can't make him have a favorite letter, honey.  
Peyton the letter B
Gillian - Okay.  Good answer! Who is your favorite guy?
Peyton - Spiderman
Gillian - What about Jacob?
Peyton - Spiderman
Gillian - Okay.  Well, who is your favorite person?
Peyton - Captain America.
Gillian - Okay!  Very good.  You may marry me.
Peyton - No, I wanto marry Mo Mo.
Gillian - What?!!  You promised me before!!

exits & come back in with an additional accessory piece.

Gillian - Now will you marry me?  I'm prettier.
Peyton - No.  Put makeup on.

My thoughts - (WHA?!!!!?!?!?!  Where did that come from?!!)

I interject with some instruction here 
about false beauty & the tragedy of glorifying it.

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