Thursday, September 29, 2011

Embracing the Camera & the Changing Weather

Embracing the camera is making sure you, the adult, gets into the picture.
Don't you love the photos you have from your childhood 
with your adulloved ones in there with you? 
Don't forgeto get in there & embrace it.

We went down to the Capitola pier on Sunday morn, after church.
It began as a sunny day.

About 20 minutes into our exploratory walk, it started raining.
For some of you folk, that is normal.  
For us, it is not.
Quickly changing weather is strange to us.
I love it.

Here the rain has begun & Gillian & Peyton are freaking a bit.
I yell athem to get in the picture.
Instead they race for the partial shelter of the stroller.

It is Embrace the Camera day over at Emily's.
I forgot we had the photos from Sunday.
So, I took a photo of me doing what I do almost all the time 
- Rock a Bye little Kendall.
Little, big, chubby, 8 month old Kendall.
Chubby, "hold me", eat so much "real" food my diapers now stink, Kendall.
Oh.  And, abouthis photo & the weather.
Yesterday, we had mid 90 temps (unusual & a wee bit hot for me).
Today?  Cool & lovely.  I goto wear my new scarf from Target.  Happy Fall!


Kara Faith said...

I am glad my little boy is not the only one who carries a light saber wherever he goes :)

Stef said...

Awww, what a cute picture of you and Kendall!
She has gotten so big.

I love when we get days when the weather does 5 different things at once! It tends to be fun.
Our weather went back to being warm again, but i noticed rain is on the horizon!

Anonymous said...

I so need some more pictures of my little family.

Unknown said...

those a great shots. what a fun blog! :)

katrina adams said...

sweet photos!!! you have a beautiful family. and yes, the weather is being weird, but i'm definitely looking forward to cooler temps and rain!

Nicola said...

Wonderful pictures, Erin. Happy Fall as well!

Monica said...

First off, I love the name of your blog. Great photos on the pier! In South Florida, I'm kinda used to getting caught in the rain. Almost always makes for a good time. :)