Sunday, September 11, 2011

Identity Confusion

Personality tests are fascinating to me.  I love them.  
I love seeing the results for myself & for others. 
It can make us feel understood, I guess.
But lately, they are causing me some confusion.
Not really an identity crisis.  An identity confusion, perhaps?

I used to be a strong ENFP.  
I never failed to gethe same result on any test.
And I was happy.
I was glad to be the Champion.  
That was back in my days of singlehood.
Now, I guess I have changed quite a bit.
I married a very strong INTJ.
You know, as in, a Mr. Darcy.
i.e. Mr. Brilliant.

He probably influences me a lot.
I've seen some grief now, in losing my baby.
And, I am now a mom, with 4 littles with me almost always.

I used to be a strong Extrovert.
Now, I think due to all the life changes I mentioned,
I would, indeed choose a quietime with a book, over a big party.
I still am an "e", just a moderate one.  One with more balance?

When I tried taking the Jung this weekend, I got different results each time.
I guess I don't even know myself enough to answer the questions.  
Argh!  Who am I?

I am moving between the ESFJthe ESFP.  
What happened to my iNtuition?  
I'm confused.

When I got the ESFP result, I was bummed.  
A Performer?  No.  I don't want to be that.
What - shallow & obnoxious?
But, then I saw that Ronald Reagan was an ESFP.  
I guess I could bear it & use it for good & not evil.

I took the test again, just to make sure, cuz i didn't feel like a performer
& I was so sure I was really an ENFP.

Second result was ESFJ.  
Provider.  Hospitable & neighborly & event coordinating.
i.e. Martha
Maybe that is close?  I feel it could be.

As I receive varying results, my husband tells me I am not being true to myself.
Wait!  I thoughthat was supposed to be my line!

I'll try to not worry about it too much.
I'll take a break from re-taking the test.
I may need professional help.

On a serious note, at least I know I am a daughter of Jesus.
And I know I was made to serve Him.

But I want to know about you.
What is your "type"?


Laura said...

I agree -- marriage, especially when we marry a very opposite "type", changes us. So does mommying! I used to think I was so extroverted {cause I was lonely and never had the chance to socialize}, but parenthood has made me LOVE alone time. :) I believe I am either an ISFJ or INFJ. The S and N thing have always been a little vague to me too. :) But I KNOW I am IFJ. Fo sure. And my husband is definitely ENT. So. I guess we balance each other out {on the good days}!! I loved the book "MotherStyles" -- I bet you would too.

Krista said...

I think both the new ones fit you if you meld them together. I see you as a mild performer, as in, glad to make those around you happy.

I got ISTJ and INTJ. ISTJ seems a little stuffy for me...

Charlotte said...

It is so true that when you marry you can both kind of change. I know there were certain questions (the ones about being organized) that I would have answered differently before I was married.

So I am a ISFJ...I learn best by doing, I love to observe others, I am warm-hearted and usually believe the best in people. I have a difficult time saying no (so true!) and I need positive feedback.

It IS 8am in the morning so I wonder if I take it again when I am more awake if the results would be different. But I think that a lot about what it said about me is true.

Fun, Erin!

Holly D. said...

I'm an INFJ - Idealist Counselor...not exactly what I thought I'd be but the description fits me very well.

Erin said...

neat ladies! I love this!
Laura - the book does sound good. I'll check it out.
Kristy - the istj was a bit stuffier than you, for sure! perhaps because I am guessing you are only moderately introverted?

Leah said...

Well, I haven't taken this test since I ALWAYS get the same score-ENTJ. I think I am genetically bossy. :)