Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Wonder If I'll Ever Get the Hang of It

Yesterday evening I was able to prove that having 4 little kids whom I parent 24/7, 
does not necessarily mean that I know what I'm doing.  

We headed out to the county fair, right after daddy got home from work.  

Mistake #1 - I allowed all 3 walkers to wear rain boots.
walking for much of a distance in clunky, 
loose-fitting rain boots cannot be a good idea.

Mistake #2 - I didn't bring a stroller.
(Fairly self explanatory)

Mistake #3 - without the stroller, I didn't choose to bring the baby snacks.  
I didn't want to carry the bag.

Mistake #4 - baby was grabbing at all our food, wanting something, 
so I let her have the one thing she would be able to eat - Cotton Candy.  
Yep.  I did.  I gave my infant cotton candy.

Guess who had an awful night of close to zero sleep last night...
Yep.  Apparently little babies shouldn't have cotton candy.
Too much sugar, YA THINK?!?!

(Plus, I forgot the camera, on top of it all.)

Not only was sleep poor last night, naps were a terrible ordeal this afternoon.
Peyton got up, just when I finally got Kendall to sleep.

I'm copying dossier papers &
He's making pictures on the back of all my copy errors.
He's got a lot of pictures to do...

We took a minute to embrace the camera.  
It is thursday, after all.


Anonymous said...

I make mistakes like this on a daily basis. I am an ADD housewife/mother. I need to embrace the camera today. I like that!

Anonymous said...

You're not alone!

Nicola said...

OH, Erin. I know how it feels.
I forgot the little ducky seat (toilet seat) shopping the other day and Audrey had a complete meltdown wouldn't go. She held it until we got home. Think we're going to have to work on the "big girl" toilet more.

annie said...

Don't feel too bad Erin! I brought the stroller and still lost my 2 year old...Reported him lost AND Russ was working patrol at the fair. ugh.