Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kindergarten or Whatever it May Be

the school year is here.




a smidge young, I know

think we are doing kindergarten with Gillian this year.  Maybe?  
We had been struggling along with letter learning.  
thought she would be no where near learning to read this year.
A couple weeks ago?  Wham!  
She gets it.  She is remembering her letters.
A month ago, the recall % was close to 0.  
Now, suddenly, it is up to about 85%
It is amazing to watch little ones learn.

So, I think it is a kindergarten year for Gillian.

We are still going through theme letter lesson based on totally tots ABC craft cards.

"m" is where we began this year.  the kids had a blast with magnets.
Gillian knows thathat magnetic items contain a high amount of iron.
She knows a compass works because of the magnetic poles in the earth.

We studied maps & we are learning to use a compass.
(So Free Range parenting, no?  Pretty soon, I'll let my kids navigate the city on their own.)

this pin?  I didn't DIY.  I followed the link & just bought the stuff.  It seemed like a hazardous project.  I don't want anyone to breath in magnet dust.

We've been using these coloring/writing sheets here
you can customize them to say whatever you want!

Happy Fall, Ya'll!


Krista said...

Super cute pictures Erin, my nieces and nephew are so adorable!

grey rose (they/them) said...

cute pictures!!
those tot abc cards look awesome.
love all the links for info-thanks! xoxo

lizzy said...

Kendalls looking at me!! :D hehe