Sunday, September 25, 2011

Front Porch Sittin'

My guy & I have been really busy lately, it seems.
We didn't get too many at home dates this past month.
He had nights of writing breeding reports & presentations.
He had travels to Europe & to Butte Valley.

I had baby rocking & dish washing & dossier copying & collating.

We got a date night this week.
take out Sushi from Miyuki's on our front porch!

 Gillian & Peyton were SO excited
when they found out there would be a date night that evening.
Gillian was eager to help with anything she could.
She swept the porch, cleaned cob webs, & set up floral arrangements.
Peyton wanted to know what we would have for "beezert" &
if they could have some of the leftovers.

Gillian's own "vase-ment" in the blue.

After a warm day, it turned into a chilly evening.
So, instead of the Gelato bars I had in the freezer for dessert, we had cups of green tea.

We took the time to talk about our small group study questions together.
We sat back & relaxed.
Scott told me about work, without constant interruptions.

We did have a few brief interruptions from neighbors.
Such is front porch sitting.
Different from the privacy of a backyard picnic.
I like it, though.
It is nice having a place set up in the front to relax & interact with the neighborhood.

My kids rode bikes with neighbor kids for the first time,
while we waited for daddy to get home.
I love it & so did they.  And so did the neighbor girl.
Hopefully we'll get more times like that in, in the near future.

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Nicola said...

Love the front porch sitting!! So fun!

Stef said...

Sounds like fun! I love the lights and the way Peyton says Beezert :)

Charlotte said...

What a lovely setting for a date! I really want to create a place outside where my husband and I can sit on summer nights. Now that summer is over, the outside furniture should be on sale.... loved this post, Erin!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely evening. I love the name Peyton. It is my husband's name!