Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Believe it!

We don't have TV channels at our house. But, while we are in Macdoel, there is Dish Network. So, we were watching HGTV, DIY & Food Network. We learned some good things & got good inspiration. I was also reminded what a sucker I am for marketing. I have a hard time not believing everything they tell me in commercials. We are very much convinced of our need for some Shamwows. How have we gone on living so long without them? I am pretty sure I need the Pedegg, too.

But, I know that I shouldn't believe all I hear... My Oxi Clean does NOT work the way that loud mouth commercial guys says it will. And, my hair does not shine the way it is supposed to, when I shampoo with Pantene... I really shouldn't trust they are telling me the full truth on the commercials. But, I struggle. It is good I don't have TV.

Here is a good thing I learned from TV, on the Martha show.
I made this paper wig to wear for Halloween. Here Gillian is glad to model it.


Lis said...

I have a hard time not believing commercials either, I'm a sucker like that, so now I just set my mind to not believe any of it.

Nice wig.

Stef said...

the PedEgg works remarkably well!! Give it a try.