Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Best Day of Her Whole Life

We went to Monterey yesterday morning. I am pretty sure it was the best day of Gillian's life. And, since it ended with a Bbq at Papa & Ama's house - it only got better.

After she woke up & had here morning bottle, I told her we needed to get out of bed to get ready - we were going to go see fishys. She was giddy, starting right then.

First we went to breakfast at First Awakenings. A tasty start - with both Scott & I eating the Bacado Omelette.

Then we went to the Aquarium. She loved it!

Peyton loved it, too. He was shaking with excitement when he saw the fish tanks.

We loved the kiddie play Splash Zone. Face plants are kinda fun when you are on a water bed.

We walked the trail along the ocean to this little park, where we had a picnic lunch. Gillian kept racing to this tree & posing. She seemed to really want a picture. But, she was a little far away to get a really good one.


Stef said...

Super cute post! I'm glad she had such a good time. I cannot wait to take our kids there! We have a pass for Ethan and still have not gone. :(

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Peyton, too funny. :)