Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanksgiving {#8} for Provisions & for You All

I am grateful for every single person who has helped us in funding our adoption.
We are so blessed by seeing our friends and family pull together with us!
I am planning a December Bake sale.
I think it should be fun.  I'll let folks know the details, soon.

Do you see the little adoption fund thermometer on the sidebar?
We are $706 away from $12,500.
Once we reach that dollar amount,
we have a promised gift of $5,000 that will be added!
$17,500 is super close to our goal.  Wow!

If you want to give to our fund, there are a couple ways.
See our page "Ways to Care".
At the top there is a link to our fund kept by Lifesong for Orphans.
You must designate with our name and fund number - Adams #2627
If you donate to this fund, you can get a tax deductible receipt.
If you want that for your 2012 tax return,
be sure to get it into Lifesong prior to December 31st

Another way to help us fund our adoption is to buy coffee or hot chocolate
from our storefront with Just Love Coffee.
For every bag of coffee you buy, they send $5 to our adoption fund!

The current news on our adoption is, we are still waiting!
We have had our dossier waiting in country for just over 12 months now.
We will start to update all our paperwork in the coming months,
since it expires at the 18 months mark.

We can't have a good guess as to when we will receive a referral of a little child.
It could be another year.  Or it could be a good deal shorter than that.
We continue to ask God to prepare our hearts and minds
and our little family for this blessed addition.

Photo Source - via Erin on Pinterest

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