Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to Help a Couple after Infant Loss

“I thought I could describe a state; make a map of sorrow. 
Sorrow, however, turns out to be not a state but a process.”
C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed 
Happy to be pregnant with Gabriel - spring 2005

We look at each other.  Tired eyes.
Tremendous love and sorrow mingling together.
We both somehow know it is time.  
We ring for the nurse & hand over our baby,
knowing we will never touch him again.
Good bye, little baby boy.

We leave the labor & delivery wing of the hospital,
no baby in our arms.
There is no need for a safety check on our infant seat.
We don't need any of the baby stuff we prepared.
All we needed was the baby casket.
Hello, outside, scary world....

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I was given the honor of writing a guest post for 
Stephanie Sheaffer at her blog Writing for Good.  
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Stef said...

I loved your guest post so very much. Love you!

Erin said...

Thank you Stef! We are blessed by the fact that you continue to remember our son!

Jenni Lynn said...

Erin you said it so well, about how to help a couple who losses a baby and so much can be applied to other losses as well. I think losing a baby though is unlike any other loss a person can experience, I am so sorry you lost your son, even though time has past I know it is still hard. I don't know why I didn't start reading your blog sooner, you left a comment on mine a few years ago that was so sweet and inspiring and I wish I would have clicked over to your blog. I think life was just a bit to clouded back them to stop and read others stories. I am glad I did today, following you.

Stephanie said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Erin.

You are a wonderful writer and a beautiful person. I am deeply sorry for your loss.

* I read "A Grief Observed" about 5 years ago. An excellent book that describes the process of grief eloquently and sincerely.

Erin said...

Jenni Lynn! I am so glad you came by my blog! Great to "see" you again. :)
Sorry for the late reply to you. I haven't been on my blog for a while. Yikes!!
Bless you and your sweet family!