Monday, November 12, 2012

Time Slips Away, Let's Be More Than Just Friends, Peace & Quiet is Healthy + more

About the Web  -
If you look at links I post on Facebook, these have mostly all been there.
A few are new.  All are thought provoking.

Why I Stopped Living Each Day as if it were My Last by Elizabeth Esther
"As adults, we know how to live in chaos. We know how to manage and juggle and try to keep everything from falling apart."

Identity.Crisis by Jami Nato
"under my bright sweater, i had a whole jacket full of little idols i worshipped."

Be Present  by Humble Beast
"Keep her by your side"

The Hardest, Greatest Lesson I've Learned in Marriage by Lauren Nicole
"i missed out on living life with another real person, because i thought i simply needed to learn how to live successfully with ‘a man.’"

The Trouble with "Just Friends" by Brian Kammerzelt
"Yet if we insist on our interactions being driven by modern dating practices and romantic qualifiers, we are choosing to needlessly segment the body of Christ and deny one another the familial unconditional love and support that each of us need and the world was meant to see."

The insane amount of cuteness here is hard for me to handle.  


Nicola said...

Erin, she is so adorable! I just love her pigtails! I just can't believe how big she's getting.

Stef said...

the face is TOTALLY adorable!!