Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It feels real

It's the Holiday Season.
I can feel it.  

This year seems to have been flying by.  
In a way, it is hard to believe November is almost over.
But, really, everything feels like November. 

All the anticipation, beauty, stress & worry colliding in my head.
There are all the plans made & plans let go of.
There is my husband working a ridiculous amount, like happens in his job every fall.
There are the movies coming out that are a MUST SEE in theater.
(The Hobbit & Les Misérables!  Am I right?)
There is the taking the sewing machine out of hibernation to find that it is broken.
There is the house being a mess, with stuff everywhere 
& it is hard to shake the feeling that you shouldn't be buying anymore stuff.
There is the serious thought to myself that I would love to make 
the whole month of December a school-break month.  Just close up shop, you know?

I do love this time of year.  
But, not so much, if I don't remember to breath deep & lower my voice.
Calm, calm, down.
Read a book, have some tea (or wine), buy some flowers.  
Take the kids to visit the elderly neighbors.
Keep eating the leftover chili & minestrone every night for dinner.
Just calm down, self.

Scott was working away from home for a total of 5 weeks over the last 6 weeks.
Yep.  You read that right.  
I think he only has one more week away from home coming up in the near future.

Morocco - One of Scott's destinations

Apparently the Coke and Fish heads were tasty

It makes me feel like we should take a vacation.  
But then, adoption money & property taxes & Christmas make me think otherwise.
At least some out of the house date nights.
I need to find us an awesome babysitter.  
You know, fun, responsible & not busy.  
After the time change, it always feels like date night season to me.
I don't know why.  
The darkness coming in so early makes me want to grab my man & run for Cafe Cruz.

We are also due for updating our homestudy for the adoption.
So, we will be running around getting fingerprints taken and physicals done, 
and not so much dining in a cozy restaurants.

(I'm going to sign off and go on a babysitter hunt.)

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Sara Crompton said...

I'll babysit for you! Email me nathompton@yahoo.com