Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Throwing up my hands

Recently I was talking with a woman whom I had just met.
She was a mother to one cute little toddler boy.
She admitted to me her confusion in hearing that we would want to adopt child number 5,
when she thought having one child was too hard.
Then she said, "Well, I suppose when you choose to have 5,
you just throw your hands in the air & say whatever!"
I had no response to that.
Because, I was offended.
No, I have not given up on it all!  How dare she suggest that, right?
But also, this lady didn't know me or my family.
I didn't see how to offer a polite defense.
So, I said nothing.

But I kept thinking about it.
It's not the first time I have heard a comment of this nature.
Still, it made me think.
I sort of agree.
With each child added to the family, I do throw my hands up a little higher.
Each different little soul shows me more & more how much I am unable to control.
I see more clearly the big job of being a parent.
I know my own lack.
I get it.  I am in over my head.

And I see the One who is in control.
The One who made these little people in His image.
The One who has a good plan for each of them.
The One who sustains me & even fills up my cup to overflowing.
I ask Him how I can mother all these little children well
& He says that He is more than able.
It's all about God.
I can mother these well only through Christ in me.

So I am throwing up my hands.


Stef said...

YES! I agree. The more I "throw up my hands" the more I'm letting go of ME and allowing God to change me.

I get that a lot. From parents of one or two kids. Actually, we hear this a lot - I guess you guys were just made to have a lot of kids. MY husband and I were not."

Nicola said...

Thank you for posting this Erin. Today has been a really hard day with homeschooling and keeping Cora occupied while teaching Audrey, pregnancy hormones and tiredness, trying to keep my home clean (which is not happening)and being a wife. Thank you for helping me put into prosective the One our Savior, who is in control of all.