Friday, August 3, 2012

Five Minute Friday {Here}

Here is where we are.  Here is where I want to live.
Who can know what tomorrow will bring?

Here, right now, my little children,
I see your wonder as we watch jelly fish glide by.
I see your delight in dressing up as bunny, sniffing your little nose.
I hear your happy squeals when daddy brings home his garage sale find - el cozy coupe
Right now, right here, I am grateful for all we have in today.

Here, right now, today, I see all you are to me, my husband.
Today, I see you remember me through your day.
I know your forgiveness & your faithfulness.
I am grateful for today.
Right here, in this kitchen, you dance with me & sing,
while I prepare our food.
You hand me my cup of tea & we sit and talk about here, right now, today.

Here, right now, I praise God for his good gifts.
He meets us in our needs.
Here, we are blessed.
During all of our tomorrows,
I pray we will remember this right here.

Five minute Friday is hosted by Lisa-Jo at Gypsy Mama


Jessica Elisabeth said...

Here from Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday. So beautiful! I love how you are soaking in God's blessings. Thank you for inspiring me to do the same!

charis said...

what a great reminder to be in the present moment and enjoy the family He has blessed us with. thanks for sharing!

my recent post: here

Krista said...

Who can know what tomorrow will bring... exactly. Although it's sometimes hard to remember that when everything is going crazy! ;)
I had read your post last night, but not left a comment. And I'm very bad at reading comments on other posts so I didn't recognize you from Stephanie's. But I love her blog and it always inspires me to leave a comment so I'm sure that's why you see me there. :)

Stef said...

oh, I loved this! Made me cry and smile and just be overall thankful to God for His amazing goodness.

Mmmm.... so sweet.