Monday, August 27, 2012

Dad is a Scientist

We officially began our school year today.

The kids were glad about it.  (The daddy & mommy were glad, too)

Gillian was the most glad.  She was extremely excited.
(And also excited that she lost a tooth last night.  She is loving the gaping hole in mouth.)

These three youngers participated in music, story time, painting, 
bible memory, coloring, play dough, abc exercises 
& also running around the back yard, teasing the dogs & get into some mischief.   

Gillian is so fired up about seat work, using workbooks, forming letters & doing math.
I am grateful she is such an eager learner.

This is true outside of seat work and the official school season, too.
She especially has a great memory for all the life science stuff Scott teaches the kids,
as they tromp around the yard, or read bed time books, or where ever.
These kids are so lucky to have a dad who is a scientist.  
(Though they can't believe he is one, 
because they thought "that scientists wear white coats & know everything".)
He has tons of scientific facts filed in his brain.  
When they ask him a question about a bug or a bird or a flower or a cloud 
or whatever they see in the natural world around them, he probably knows the answer.

Last week, Gillian found a couple of salamanders in our backyard, 
while poking in a hole in the driveway.  
She was looking for garbage to throw away & pulled up these guys, instead.

I get a little squeamish over critters like this.
But, learning from their father, these kids are fascinated & unafraid.

(All those cool bugs in the above pictures?  
Those are Scott's & they hang on our wall, 
greeting people at the front door as they enter our house.)

Learning inside & outside, from books & during play - 
a few blessing of learning at home together!


Nicola said...

Another school year! All right! We started today and I'm really looking forward to all that Lucas will teach and is teaching them in science as well. Not my strong suit!
Love all the pictures of the kiddos. We're growing up so quickly!

Stef said...

yay for school! we start next week and can't wait!

Charlotte said...

First day of school! We start in a week. :-) And I love all of the bugs....tarantulas are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I love your yellow frame in the background of the first picture! We are back at school too and one of our tribe lost the same tooth as your darling girl! :)