Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Great Staycation of 2012

Last week we vacationed in our home area.  
The Daddy took the week off of work & we ventured out daily for a new adventure.
It was great!

Ocean View Park.  Slides & Picnics.
Exploring new neighborhoods, via bikes & walking, too.
Burgers at Betty's.

San Francisco Zoo.
Getting rear ended in traffic.  (no car damage, just coffee splatted all over my husband.)

Breakfast at Trailside Cafe.
Monterey Tide Pool exploration.
MY children's Museum of Monterey.

More traffic issues mean we don't make it to the Palo Alto duck pond.
We choose the Arboretum at USCS instead.

On our last day we went hiking at Henry Cowell & I did not bring our camera.
But, Gillian declared the swimming hole in Fall Creek as being "gooder than good."
It was awesome.

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