Friday, June 1, 2012

{Teach Them to Know} God is... So I am...

We have a spectacular Children's ministry leader at our church.  
I am so thankful for her.  
She doesn't just teach & bless our kids on Sunday mornings.  
She teaches & blesses us parents & inspires us in our roles as parents.
I told you before about the book Spiritual Parenting.  
She is teaching the adults in our church body through that book.
The book highlights different "environments" we can create as 
places for our kids to learn & know God.

I got my inspiration this week on knowing from the monthly newsletter 
Carrie provides for us at church.

I read through Psalm 145 with the kids.
They were to raise their hand any time 
they heard something that helped them know who God is.
When we were all done we made a list of all the things we learned Him.
Then we put it all into
You put your text in & create your word clouds.  
(Really fun.  But I did keep messing up...)

We made a God is...
Wordle: Ps. 145 God is...

Then from looking at who God is, we found out who we are in Christ - 
and me a  ...So I Am
Wordle: Ps. 145 I am
You can print out your word clouds & hang them in your house!

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