Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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About the web - things I've read & find though provoking & helpful.
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Affective is Greater than Effective - B. Rooted
"An effective, well-running marriage routine is not a suitable stand in for tender love; 
neither is sound theology a replacement for deep devotion."  Ruth @ GraceLaced

On Effective Compassion
"Genuine love motivated to action is concerned about the consequence of its action."

On Effective Emotions
"Every day I meet men and women who work so hard at “keeping it together” for the eyes of those around them, rather than working at actually healing the inside."

Effective Education - Practical Pages
“Why would you, a qualified school teacher, homeschool your children?”

with more interesting links on the subject, also...

Moira eats & wears coconut oil - a protection from UV rays


Stef said...

haha - we eat our sunscreen too. Its worked amazingly well so far and gives this Mama peace of mind.

Nicola said...

really love the quote about "keeping it together", but not really healing the inside.

Great pic of Moira. What a beauty.

Where do you get coconut oil?