Monday, June 25, 2012

Bagging issues, summer driving conditions & such nonsense

The two big kids went to Vacation Bible Camp all last week.  I am tuckered out.
Leaving the house every morning, dealing with summer traffic, playing at the park,
being in the sun.
Oh.  Woe is me...

No.  In truth, everyone had a great week.  Me included.  
But, now we are tired & just sitting on our bums in a dirty house.
All the carseat time also took a toll on Kendall's hair.  (exhibit 2)

exhibit 1 - Kendall

exhibit 2 - carseat hair
Driving on the freeway around here in the summer time can be so lame.
All the vacationers clogging up the traffic.  Their cars overheating & causing more traffic.
Nonsense like that.  
Plus, Cal Trans picks this time of year to do all their road work.
Every where.  All over the county.
Making things even more bogged down.

I do like when vacationers ask for directions & such.  
I like telling people where to go & what they should do for fun times.
I also like when people talk to me with an accent.
And I like seeing cool license plates.
Vacationers really are great.  

Something else important that I have been pondering are issues pertaining to bagging.
More specifically, the bagging of groceries.
I don't know if stores train baggers anymore or not.
But I have some rules for them.
  1. Please don't stand two wine bottles up in the bag you put my eggs in.
  2. I appreciate the idea of separating cleaning supplies from food items.  And yet, I don't think I need my scotch brite pads put in their very own bag--I don't see how they will contaminate my pasta.
  3. Please keep the leaky raw meat all to itself.  I get really mad when I unload and find meat juice dripped onto my Parmesan cheese.
  4. When a customer asks you not to pack some such things together (e.g. beef stew meat with the ice cream), please don't roll your eyes at me like I am so horrible, bossy lady.  
Anyway.  My kids are all green snot nosed, after a week
of mingling with hordes of other young ones.
Its a day to lay low & play in our own sunny backyard.


Stef said...

We get the tourists in Seattle during the summer and its very annoying as well (with regards to traffic in the city).

Also, we have the same red grocery cart you have! We bought ours at a used clothes store and I've been wondering what the brand is, since its not marked. Do you know?

The bagging issues... Trader Joe's (here) is the WORST! I come home to eggs on the bottom of my bag and meat uncovered in the same bag as lettuce. So sad.

Erin said...

Stef! Isn't that grocery cart great?! We got it as a hand-me-down from a friend whose daughter had outgrown it. I don't know who the maker is, but it is a wonderful toy!