Monday, January 16, 2012

You + Me {at 65ish}

I am joining in the Marriage Letters project.  
See Joy & Scott Bennet
Seth & Amber Haines all writing letters on the prompt "future fantasies".
Join in!  Next week's prompt is nightly rituals.

Dear Scott,
You know I've never been afraid to grow old with you.
I am excited by the thought of it.

Young days have their very, very good parts.
Can you imagine the older years, though?  I can ...

Here we are in the middle of our silver sixties & it is lovely.

We live in our same little house.
It looks much the same, buthere are notoys continually scattered about.
Bathrooms are still not pristine, like when we were younger.
You still track mud through the house on a regular basis.
You spend your quietimes in the yard.
Your plants grew well established these past 30+ years 
they are lovely & bear much fruit.  
(the ones the make the cut, that is, as you are forever renovating.)
You track your hummingbirds & 
I visit you there & bring you coffee & tell you news of the children.

We did do some of thatraveling.
We made ito Africa more than a couple times.
We saw some of our dreams in Asia, too.
Our family never seemed to stop growing.
Births, adoptions, marriages & repeat.
Our house is mostly always bursting full, & the kitchen is always messy (still).
You are a good sidekick in the kitchen.  We explore new flavors, taste & love.
I love to have you in here with me.

We don't have retirement plans, even though the "real" jobs may end soon.
(that way we'll be able to catch the time to learn ballroom dancing.)
We love real life & don't wanto unplug from it all.
Stuff is still so much the same.  (with a bunch more aches added in, body & soul.)

....I do wonder if I ever got a cookbook published & you your novels written.
Did we go back to school to get counseling degrees?
Did you ever gethat plot of land to grow your dream crops?
I love the mystery of aging.  
What it will really be, I do not know.  And I am glad.
Let's see together, shall we?

I love you forever,


Joy @ Joy In This Journey said...

Beautiful. I love how these letters give us glimpses into the real people inside our marriages.

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

Oh Erin! Doesn't it feel good? I don't know why either. I know it excludes sickness and poorness and all that (or maybe it just doesn't mention it) but the beauty is still there, and I believe in the beauty - that it exists and will exist more deeply when we're old.

So glad to read yours.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through a comment on:

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness you all seem the type to accomplish all your dreams... By sixty five you will read these letters and who knew we would have Done all that and more.

Nicola said...

Beautiful! I love the pictures you captured in this post.

Vanessa said...

Beautiful and fun to read.