Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scout Work

We did some embracing of the camera this morning.

We've been sick.  Kids around here are coughing.
We took a drive this morning to get out of the house 
& allow Kendall a chance to get a car ride snooze.
I got lost on our way to Mission San Juan Bautista, so she got a bit of bonus time.

We walked around a bito do some scouting.
We plan to have family photos taken here next week.

Shadows are tricky.  
I hope we can do something cool in these arches.
My attemptoday did noturn out.
Maybe the photographer will know some magic of how to work it all out.

Now at home I hold sick, sleeping baby because she wakes every time I lay her down.
the other kids don't sleep during their "rest" time.
I currently hear wailing from my drama queen.

Soon I will relieve them of rest duty & maybe make some applesauce "tea" for all.
My friend Stef had mentioned serving her sick kids honey & cinnamon water.
I did a little variation of adding apple cider vinegar to the mix.
Hot water + a shake of cinnamon + a spoon of honey + a big splash vinegar + a pinch of cayenne.
Scott & I like it more than the kids do.  But, they'll drink about 1/2 of a cup.
Hopefully it helps them feel better!


Nicola said...

Love the pictures, Erin. How fun!

Stef said...

sorry your babes are sick :( I've done something very close to your variation on the drink and I liked it. I think Adam Brink's wife shared it with me. My kids would choke and gag and get all weird, so I keep theirs simple.

I love missions! My Mom and Cathy used to take us to several in Northern Cali and I have fond memories of doing that. They still remind me of some of my most favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies :)

Unknown said...

gorgeous photos.

Nini said...

Hope your kiddos get better soon. We had it for way too long! Can't wait to see your family pictures!!