Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Of Value

I know it was sanctity of life Sunday on the 22nd & I am a little behind here.
But, let's talk about it.
I know the date for sanctity of life Sunday was chosen for the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  
It may seem that it is just another day where the church talks out against abortion.
that is not it.  It is declaring the value of human life, in all stages.
It is about pro-preborn, pro-woman,
pro-elderly, pro-terminally ill, pro-orphan, pro-outcast, pro-uncool.
People are of high value because we are made in God's image.

What ways will you celebrate the sanctity of human life?

Learn about International Justice Mission
fighting against slavery & more, all around the world.
Sign a petition letter to seek an end to slavery around the world.

Sign up at your local Pregnancy Resource Center to be a mentor.
It pretty much means that when a mom comes to the center 
& is need of a friend, they will call you.  Be her friend.  
Help her get through the rough patches ahead.

Make blessing bags to keep in your car to hand to the person 
on the street corner who has a sign saying they are hungry.
(Inspired by the Lettner Livin' children.)

Speak a kind word to those people you are with every day.  
Choose to build another up, rather than tear them down.

Bring flowers to your elderly neighbor & stay to visit for a while.

Reach out to the person at church who always seems to be alone.

Read this What I Want you to Know series.

Buy fair trade.  Did you know most chocolate you buy uses slave labor?
try the Akoma Chocolate Chips that Guittard is selling now.  fair trade certified!
(Here's a good looking choice for Valentine's Day!)

Oppose pornography.

Read Live Action.  (One of my "baby" brothers is a journalist for this group & I am very proud of him!)

Share your story.  tell others of the love of God & how much He values us.
Will you pray for me this week as I prepare to share my story of being Gabriel's mom?
A friend of mine is doing a film project called Children of God.  
He wants to give voice to stories telling the value of children; whether they be brilliant & changing the world, or perhaps terminally ill & changing their corner of a hospital.
Kids are blessings, they are of high value & they can make a huge impact.
I will tell our story of hope, even when it appears all hope is lost.
Even the shortest life can leave a deep impact.

I have thought of backing out of this project many times.  
I don't wanto be filmed.  (I hate hearing my recorded voice.  Ugh.)
I know I will cry.  Probably a lot.
I am not sure I have all the right words.
But as much as I don't wanto do it, much, much more than that, I know I should.
I feel a call on my hearto do this.
Pray that I will speak God's truth & love & healing & hope.
Filming is Saturday.


Amy G said...

Great post Erin - lots to think about and good links...

Ivanna said...

I'll pray for you this weekend, Erin. You are beautiful and your story is too. I'm sure it will be a blessing to others. And, I love getting new ideas about how we can value the people God has placed in our lives.

Melissa Joy said...

Praying for you today, Erin, as you prepare to speak about your sweet Gabriel tomorrow, and how God has used him in your life & the lives of those who know you.
I have done a couple interviews recently, similarly difficult but beautiful in that God is glorified when we speak about His sovereignty even in such dark, hopeless situations.