Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Counting Blessings {home life}

26.  mopped floors

27.  shampood carpets

28.  dancing with the kids

29.  Avengers playtime  

Gillian is Black Panther, waiting on her mountain for the other superheros

30.  Gillian's current fondness for doing chores

31.  a freezer packed with a locally raised & butchered pig

32.  spaghetti with sausage from said pig

33.  candlelight

34.  finally being unpacked from our Macdoel trip

35.  Bath time for everyone.

36.  Kendall (usually) sleeping better at night

37.  coffee

38.  bedtime singing for the kids

39.  evening prayer with Scott

40.  Pumpkin cookies with Brown Butter icing


Stef said...

that bathtub picture is SO cute!!

Nicola said...

love the bath picture! Your dancing picture looks like our dancing time!

Anonymous said...

This list is also a great way to sneak in Kodak moments of your week at play! Think I'll have to try it!