Wednesday, November 23, 2011

counting blessings {around the world}

41. Our dossier being in country, authenticated & translated.
We have been "officially" waiting for a referral for a month.

42. Orphan Sunday at our church was a blessing.  
I got to share during the worship service &  Scott & I got to host Orphan Sunday Coffeehouse
People where glad to learn about & support Gobena & Lifesong for Orphans

43. 31 Bits party
So fun!  Ladies were all excited about the business & the gorgeous product.  
It was so easy to host a house party.  You can do it, too!
You get sent a box of amazing necklaces & bracelets & getogether with your friends.  
Just put it all out & lethe girls fight over their favorites.  

44.  more fair trade shopping ideas
I'm thankful for all the businesses working hard to improve lives around the world.

45.  getting our ABBA application finally sent in.  
I'm thankful for all the adoption financial aid ministries outhere.

46.  people buying Just Love coffee to benefit our adoption.  thank you!
I'm thankful for everyone supporting us in adoption.

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