Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Road Tripping

We are planning our day tripping vacation for summer 2012.
Most days, we won't drive more than 30 minutes away from home.
But I am still trying to plan a little bit of road trip fun.

There are a bunch of printable road trip games here, like this one.

I am hoping we can bust out a few of these really clever 
coloring cases, made by upcycling DVD cases.

Source: tipjunkie.com via Erin on Pinterest

I am wanting to get into the bento box lunch craze.  
So, I ordered some simple boxes & a package of critter food picks.  
We'll pack our day trip treats thusly, and hopefully the children will be delighted.

Listening material?
We've been listening to Ramona audio books this summer. 
Gillian & I are totally in love with them.  But even our Peyton & Mo listen pretty well.
We also found Mrs. Piggle Wiggle in the audio version at the library.
I heart Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.

Have you been on any road trips this summer?  


Stef said...

you've given me some fabulous ideas for our trip to CA!

Melissa Joy said...

This is perfect timing! We're going on our first family "roadtrip" (okay okay, it's only just over an hour away... but still!) for the weekend, and this inspires me to get some last-minute car fun prepared for the excited four year old. :) Thank you! (We picked up audiobooks from the library, some snacks from TJ's, and we've got a Quiet Book for coloring... but I needed some additional inspiration "just in case.")