Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boys are Sensitive, too

Since no one is interested in chiming in on the last post,
 I guess I need to move on with my life blog.

My little man with his lovely sensitive skin received his horrible sun burn
#2 this last weekend.
It cannot compare in anyway to his first horrible sunburn.
Behold his nose, 3 days post exposure.

Poor boy.
See boys are sensitive, too.
They don't all have thick skin.
And that's okay, right?
I just wish I took better care protecting it.

But even sensitive ones can heal.


Anonymous said...

I was going to comment but the mobile interface from my phone keeps eating my comments. :( So. No go. I will email you instead. :) Laura g.

Erin said...

Oh yes Laura G! Email me then! And, if you want, I can put it in as a comment for you. Blasted comment eaters. And, is this a smart phone? Bah!

Stef said...

my iPhone does the same thing. Its annoying :(

Stef said...

arg! and that comment posted before I was done.

Poor Peyton! His little nose took a beating.
This is a topic I've thought about blogging on... but for whatever reason I opt out. I actually think Ethan is more sensitive than our girls. Not in a sissy way at all, he just is. He's more sensitive to other people's sadness too. If he hears a friend has cancer, or someone broke their leg, or lost a baby, etc... he is heart broken. Wants to pray right away and asks me often how we can help.
He can also be crushed by words much more than the girls. Someone told Rachel a few months back that her lisp was weird. She nodded and said "yeah, I know. Mommy said it will go away as I get older."
Someone told Ethan he was "short for a 7 year old boy" and he was so bothered by it... for a very long time. "Do you think I won't be a very good friend if I' short? Do you think my friends wish I was taller? Will I be a good Dad if I'm not a very tall man?"
He's a deep thinker and cares deeply. Sometimes I worry he cares too much :-\

Anyway, yes! Boys are sensitive. So are men. they need tender love and care just as much as we ladies do.

Erin said...

Stef, totally! Peyton seems to be the most sensitive of my kids. In the really sweet way, too, that you say about Ethan, being sensitive to other people's hurts, etc. I hope he doesn't loose it!

Nicola said...

Poor thing. That looks so painful. Praying it heals quickly.