Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the stuff of late

My internet connection has been poor for a whole week.
My blogging has been poor, too.

I've been doing cool stuff, though.
I like playhouse painting.
I like painting.
And the small scale of the playhouse makes it especially fun.
I'll show you an update soon.

We are also starting on the Dinner at Eight program here.
I'll report on that soon.

I just got to spend some time with my little group of
childhood bestie friends.
I was without my camera.
But when someone (hint, hint) forwards me some photos,
maybe I'll have something to share.

And I totally need to get organized on the World Orphans Carnival.
If you are local, be expecting an email soon.
It is a month away!
We need to get our plan for the day all in place.
Here's my pin board for carnival inspiration.


Nicola said...

Hey Erin, we had such a wonderful time with you all on Monday and Tuesday. Thanks for putting it to gether. It was so much fun getting to know your children and the girls just had a blast with them. WE love you lots.

Krista said...

Nick and I do dinner dates after kiddos are in bed sometimes. It is just too tough right now to arrange babysitting and everything to go out very often. So, usually when we do it, Nick will cook dinner while I get the kids in bed. Then we sit down to a fabulous meal with just the two of us! Sometimes we also have a bonfire afterwards while playing trivial pursuit. :D These are actually some of our favorite times together.

Erin said...

Krista - bonfires dates sounds so awesome. Once our patio is done, I think we'll have a lot of summer dates out there. Sounds great!
Cola - My kids can't wait for their new friends to come again soon! ;)

Stephanie said...

I can see how playhouse painting would be fun. In fact, I should really give it a try. It might give me the courage that I need to paint my own house someday! ;)