Saturday, May 29, 2010

Talking to Youngsters About Death & other Awful Stuff

What do you say to a young child about death?

For now, everyone feels pain & sadness because of sin.  
effects are everywhere.  
"All of creation groans and suffers."
 Bad things happen.  People get sick.  
Baby birds fall out of their nests.  Some people go hungry.
Sometimes, little babies die.

This place doesn't have dead people.  
This is where we come to remember the ones who have died.
The stone is a remembrance of your brother.  
Like the cross is a remembrance of Jesus.

Someday, when we are with Jesus, there will be no more reasons to cry, 
no more pain, no more sickness, no more hunger & no more death.

We want to use our real life to teach our kids about real life.

Gillian is starting to understand.
She understands memorials or remembrances.
And she understands a little about heartbreak
(when you are really, really sad)
& a little bit about pain
(it's like when you have really bad red blood, right?)
She asked us if her brother is now a really big man
who is standing with Jesus right now.  


Melissa Joy said...

Because this is beautifully poignant.
My boy is on the young side for the explaining side of things... but I do it anyway. Whether he understands any of it or not.
I tell him about his brothers & sisters. I actually tell him some of the things you said, but I simply love the way you worded it. I'm going to pocket that and use it with him in the future.
Thank you.

big hair betty said...

Thank you for these words! My kids have started to ask more about the subject (the UP movie and driving by a cemetary have brought the subject up recently). It is always good to have more and better explanations to help them learn about such a confusing and foreign thing for them (and me as well).

Stef said...

Sara, the up movie did it for Ethan as well. He didn't like the wife dying in the beginning, so it opened up for some difficult, but real life conversations.

Erin, that last picture of Gillian is breathtaking on so many levels. Beautiful.

LindaFaye said...

Thank you so much for being so open about this subject so often here on your blog. I think it's awesome that you bring your kids along in real life rather than hiding it from them.

Krista said...

These pictures are amazing and brought tears to my eyes. Elijah has also started asking about death recently, and it really caught me off guard and I had trouble figuring out how to talk to him about it. Thanks sharing how you approach it.

Brittany Martin said...

Thank you for your lovely words! The hope of Resurrection is such a blessing for kids; my boys like to talk about the extra siblings they'll get to play with in the Resurrection that they never knew on earth.

I love as Christians how we can teach our kids to face death as the Enemy, but an Enemy that will be fully beaten one day.

Erin said...

Thank you all for your kind encouragement!

Unknown said...

I am crying. Hugs my friend. Heaven is a place with no more tears and full of people we can't wait to see.

Stephanie said...

It sounds like you are explaining things exactly right - with candor, gentleness, and hope.

{Hugs to you}

Jules said...

I am crying. Hugs my friend. Heaven is a place with no more tears and full of people we can't wait to see.