Monday, May 31, 2010

Brioche Donuts

I think I'll always be grateful to Debbie for introducing me to Satura Cakes.  She & Whit had ordered their wedding cake from Satura.  As the florist, it was my job to drop off flowers at the bakery for the topper.  
I walked into the bakery & was immediately drawn to the tiny pastries in the display cabinet.  
I had to try something.  We were a little in a hurry though.  I just asked for a few donuts.  
Brioche donuts, that is. 

The first time I had this donut, it totally blew my mind.  
It still is mind-blowing, after the 6th donut.  
If I am in Los Altos (like I was this weekend) I absolutely must have one.
They are apparently healthy, too.  Fried in EVOO.  

Gillian is here enjoying her Kouign-Amann.  It's like a morning bun from Starbucks.  Only it is caramelized & ten times better.  

If you are ever near to a Satura bakery.  Get thee there.  


Stef said...

oh, those look SO yummy!! Also, why do certain words have yellow all around them?

Erin said...

Stef - thanks for asking. Ha! Those were words I ignored in the spell checker. I didn't think the yellow showed up for you, too. Ha!

Krista said...

Oh my, that looks so yummy! I want some now...

Charlotte said...

Oh my goodness, there is one in Los Altos! I will plan to hit that bakery next time we visit my dad. Thanks, Erin!