Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This is Urgent

I have been thinking about starting a weekly post on the subject of marriage.  Not because I'm a professional.  And, not because I have tons of years in experience.  Only because the matter of our marriages being strong is an urgent  one.
If things are messed up in the marriage relationship, it is not just you that you are hurting.  If you have children, it is affecting them.  But, it is also hurting God.  My marriage (& yours) is to be a picture of Christ & His church.  So, we should be working on our marriages to the glory of God!
Your marriage is the most important earthly relationship.  You & your husband are one.  God has joined you together!  And yet, look around you & you can see that marriages are falling apart all the time.  The matter is urgent.

I probably won't have anything too earth-shattering to say.  But, I am going to give it a shot.  And, maybe I can get a few guest bloggers on the issue, too!


paisley and lace said...

Yeah! I look forward to reading words of wisdom! The importance of our marriages is more significant than we all realize, I think. It gets just a little bit wonky, and everything & everyone else begins to fall apart unless we duct-tape all our disfunctions together. Then it's just plain old ugly. And it's hard to reflect Christ to the world around us and our families looking that way :) So...go forth ladies, with all the duct-tape removal ideas you've got!

Stef said...

I love this idea!! Thanks for doing this and I look forward to your posts on the subject.

I love the way God works and shows me He's working all things out. I have been taking this week to focus on my attitude toward Jason. I want to be that same loving, cheerful, always excited to see him and be with him girl I was that he married 6 years ago :)

I don't want the stress of our days, the business of life with 3 small kids, or the pressures of the world to encroach upon our marriage and tear it down.

Jason and I personally have felt like something we could never let go of in our marriage is prayer time *together* every.single.day. When we've put it off of let other things get in the way of that and 2-4 days go by, we can feel it. God really brings the two of us together when we spend time in His Word and in prayer together every day. Its such precious time for us! Back when he was traveling a lot for work, we would pray together over the phone and even that was more of a blessing than skipping it until he got home.

I'm excited about these posts - great idea, Erin!!

Melissa Joy said...

Looking forward to little nuggets of wisdom! Because I totally concur with you. :)

LindaFaye said...

You are so right! Our marriages are important. I find so much our there on parenting and all sorts of other stuff, but honestly, I'd so much rather focus on healthy families than parenting methods and such. It is urgent.