Monday, October 15, 2007

Reno - Baer

I got to make the bouquets & other personal flowers for my friend Emily Reno (now Mrs. Baer), who got married on Saturday. Her wedding was lovely. As usual, I forgot to take many photos of the flowers I did.

Here is the only one I took. The bride's bouquet, almost finished. To finish it off, I glued tiny fake diamonds into several of the little bells on the Bells of Ireland. I think it looked really cool.

The bridesmaid bouquets were hot pink & green.

Anyway. Sorry I forgot to take more photos. You can check later at my friend's blog, The Paper Pony. She did the photography. So, maybe you can see something there...


Krista said...

I only got 1 picture of them as well, I will send you what I have, its not very good. I cropped it so that it was just the boquet.

Anonymous said...

So pretty!!